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When – Where And How:
Because of East Africa’s diverse geography, temperature rainfall and humidity very widely but it is neither too how nor too cold with long sun filled days.
Also, day and night are almost equal, all year round, with sunrise between 5:45 a.m. And 6:15 a.m.  and sunset between 6:30 p.m. and 7: 00 p.m.
Rain demarcate seasons with long rains normally liaising from April to June and short rains from November to December.  Rains showers are moderate, usually falling in the late afternoons and are preceded by bright fresh and sunny days.  However despite the varying of seasons, safaris can be arranged all year round and may find that there are some low season prices available from April to June and August are the coolest months while September, October, January, February and March are the warmest.

Typically the major game attraction is the “BIG FIVE” namely: Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant.  However the multi-facet African ecosystem has allowed a more abundant and extra-ordinary selection of other animals species from creatures that inhabit the air, down to those that live in water, each ties of existence has an amazing range of choice.

A premier world tourist attraction in the region is the annual Serengeti-Mara migration literally millions of wild beast and Zebra move north from the plains of Tanzania Serengeti Savannah during July and August in search of grass.As the vegetation and water holes only, the herds start to trek north,  following the rain pattern they cross the Tanzania-Kenya border to the rich Kenya MasaaiMara in search of 4,000 tons of grass they eat each day.  The Animals journey in columns as long as 40 kms.  Hooves pouching the ground, they stampede leaving behind the injured and exhausted and those that are unable to cross the river fall prey to ravenous crocodiles during October and November the animals turn back to south to Serengeti plains where they remain until April.  All the while on this guest, the caravan of animals is trailed by lion, cheetah, hyena and vigilant circling vultures.  It is worth well taking the seasons and concentration of wildlife into consideration when planning your safari to East Africa.

At BIKOS AFRICA TOURS we normally use 4 x 4 land Cruiser and 4 x 4 mini bus specially adapted to rugged African terrain.  They have sliding windows, roof hatches and high ground clearance to improve all round visibility and photography.  For air safaris, there are several charter companies providing daily schedule flights to all the popular parks and reserves.  Many lodges, camps and game reserves have small runways to enable this access to their attractions.  We encourage our travel for clients who have a limited amount of time or for those who wish to avoid long drive.

Options are numerous ranging from Five Star Hotels and Safari Lodges, some of which are tented, to comfortable mobile tented camps. The game lodges and hotels vary from simple badas to local style chalet rooms, right through the luxury hotels.  In the wild, you will find in the tented lodges, level of accommodation is excellent and at times higher than traditional lodges.
Who knows what is in store for you? Change the skill of your driver guide, will determine whether you will see a family of cheetah sunning themselves sleeping on termite hill, the drama of a lion kill or the thrill of elephant charge.
The trees in a distance turn out to be a family of giraffes. The clump of bushes is a pride of lions and the rock that moves may well be rhino lumbering out of your way in event, the sheer mass and spectacle of animals surrounding you will provide adheres opportunities to fill an album of memories.
The African Safari experience is truly extra ordinary.  A world seemingly suspended in time.  Africa is a continent out of which legends have emerged that have inspired countless historians, scientist, authors and films makers.
A day on Safari is like no other, you will always find yourself absorbed in sheer vastness beauty and serenity of Africa. Bikos Africa Tours invites you to join us on this safari through a fascinating and seductive land.
It is here the light rises over the African horizon out the vast land touching you in a way that you have seldom experience before.
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