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The Key Kenya Coastal marine attraction points

· Bountiful and colorful Kenya coral reefs
· A wide variety of Turtles and beautiful reef fish
· Easy to operate Glass bottomed boats
· Snorkeling or scuba diving
· Aided Big game fishing activities
· A wide choice of beachfront accommodation facilities

Mombasa Marine National Park & Reserve
Consisting of the park, 10 km2 and the reserve, 200 km2. Both the park and the reserve are the most highly utilized among marine protected areas. Their coastline is finely developed with tourist facilities. There are various agents who offer for hire boats to get into the Marine Park . There are quite a good number of companies offering water sports facilities.

These firms are spread along the beach. The place is ideal for diving. Diving gears are easily available from water sports desks.
Mombasa as a town is a mix of traditional and modern culture that has undergone transision to constitute what it is today. Fort Jesus , which was built in the 17th century, was used as a Fort by the Portuguese against Sultan invasion after which they were eventually evicted after a two year siege, is within the Island which is a few minutes drive from the marine park. Mombasa Old Town is highly dominated by Swahili culture especially architecture and customs.

Malindi&Watamu Marine Parks

To the upper coastal periphery is Watamu and Malindi. The marine parks of this area have their coral reefs several miles off shore and glass bottomed boats are the usual form of transport to get to the reefs.
Those who cant swim take the opportunity to look at the corals and colorful fish, which crowd around the boat expecting to be fed. Once in the water the fish nibbles at your fingers and toes if you look like you have something tasty for them. The reef here is not as plentiful as further south but still worth seeing with over 140 species of hard and soft corals. Tewa Caves is an amazing place for diving amongst giant groupers, who appear to sit motionless in the water. These harmless creatures can weigh 880 pounds (400kg) and measure 5½feet (2 meters) long. The Watamu Marine Park also encompasses the mangrove forests of Mida Creek, where young coral grows before being riding out on the tide to the main reef.

Wasini Island &Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park

There are several marine parks along Kenya coastline, the southern most of which is Wasini Island and Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Parks . In this region, you can swim in your own personal aquarium and beautiful coral garden. It is considered by many to be the finest marine park in Kenya and requires a boat trip and adequate time to enjoy with amazing reefs, as the park is between 2½-5 miles (4-8km) out to the sea. A dhow trip to the marine park is often combined with a seafood lunch on Wasini Island and is a very popular way to spend a day before returning to your beach hotel for dinner and overnight

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